Media Editing

Video Editing

Already relatively early in my youth I became interested in video editing, inspired by web video artists and influencers that had a huge impact on my generation. I tried imitating their creations and over time my knowledge about video editing grew. Although I did not own professional software, I used tricks to achieve satisfying results in the preinstalled software. For example, since my software did not allow to insert and move transparent images through the video. I resulted to using large images of the ting I wanted to move surrounded by green and inserted them as a green screen over lay and emulated the movement through ken burns.

2016: Video about me spending money on the Steam Summer Sales, German

2017: Video Log of my friends and I going to GamesCom in Cologne, German

2018: Tutorial on how to map images to irregular surfaces, in this case flags, English

Image Manipulation

Thanks to my fascination with vexillology, I came to be much more fascinated and proficient at image manipulation. As I spent more and more time playing around with images in GIMP, a freely available image manipulation software, my skills increased. Now, I would consider myself an advanced user of the software. It started off with me making funny images for my closest circle of friends and now I am capable of complicated photomontages and designs.

What is Love
2016: gif made for my friends and myself
(Greetings to Paul and Leonardo)

01 Full Map
2017: map of my fictional NationStates nation

2018: surreal photomontage for the surrealmemes subreddit

2018: map for a fictional future scenario