One of the hobbies I am most passionate about is vexillology, the study of flags. It all started in January, 2017, because of a fairly random situation. On my way home from a school ski trip to the tri point between Austria, Switzerland and Italy I saw a travel bus with a paintjob that made me think "Huh, that would look neat as a flag". Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture of that fateful encounter, however, I made a sketch on my phone and converted it into a flag back at home. Although, in hindsight, it did not fulfill a lot of design rules and principles for flags, it still pathed the way for this passion. Now, I have spent almost one and a half years creating flags and sharing them on the vexillology subreddit and its community group chat Discord server. As my skills increased over time my satisfaction with my creations grew simultaneously.

My favourite own creation is the flag used as the main design element of this website, my personal flag.
The flag depicts a golden Tritium atom on a black and white sheet. The atom is a symbol for my initials, Tritium is an isotope of Hydrogen and my initials are T. H. Furthermore, the atom symbolises science, especially Physics, in which I want to pursue a career in the future. I have chosen the planetary atom model and set the aspect ratio between the central nucleons and the outer electron to the aspect ratio of the Earth and the Moon, since astrophysics interest me the most. The colour gold represents excellence and a striving for newer heights. Black represents space and white stands for peace, which I value dearly. Furthermore, another meaning is hidden in the flag's aspect ratio, 4:7. Adding those numbers yields eleven, which in combination with the three colours or three total circles produces my birthday, November 3rd.
It uses the WappenWiki colour scheme and ignores the Rule of Tincture consciously.

My personal flag

Photomontage of my flag waving in the wind

Custom flag wallpaper

Personal Logo based on the flag

Tutorial on how to map custom designs to flags


Over the course of the past few months, I also dabbled in the world of heraldry, which is much more complex. These are the arms I have created for myself. The sword splitting the table tells the story of Democrit, the first ancient Greek to think of atoms, when he asked himself what would happen if one would continuously split a table in half. It represents science and the search for truth. The embattlement symbolises my enjoyment of solitude. Lastly the tinctures sable (black), or (gold) and argent (silver) represent space and the desire to pursue a career in astrophysics, striving for excellence and peace respectively.

My personal arms