My name is Thomas Hoffmann and I am currently a grammar school graduate planning to study Physics this fall.

My Life and Me

If you have come to my website, that probably means that you are interested in my person. If that is the case, you have come to the right place! This website is intended to be my personal dossier, hosting information regarding my person, my Curriculum Vitae, and other things either done by or related to me.
My contact information is available in the side bar, should you want to get in touch with me for professional, educational, administrative or any other reasons. I will answer ASAP.

My Passions

During the last few years I have developed a set of interests I like to spend my free time with. Inspired by web video creators and influencers I was interested in video editing for a long time and I tried to imitate what I saw online. This led to some degree of video editing skills. However, the hobbies I am most passionate about resulted out of my discovery of vexillology, the study of flags. Designing visually appealing flags quickly turned into a major free time activity. Furthermore, it introduced me to the world of image manipulation which I quickly came to love. Lastly, a Filipino friend of mine (Hi, Julio!) suggested that I should collect the "best of" my amateur photography online, so that's what I did.
So if you might be interested in any of these things I do, feel free to take a look at the things I have come up with.

The Most Important Question…

…why "AmazingHoffman"? Well, as a young teenager I noticed that my last name sounds like something a super hero would be called. Since then I have started to use the nickname "AmazingHoffman" in games, on services and on social networks. Although it cuts off one "n" from my last name, I chose versatility over correctness by using the English "AmazingHoffman" instead of some German form like "der unglaubliche Hoffmann".